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Our media management solution provides automated content indexing, contextual advertising, and digital asset management tools - revealing new sources of revenue to build your business.

Let’s review your streaming strategy and identify new revenue opportunities

Blue Guava provides integrated technologies and digital frameworks that enable your content to seamlessly reach the right audience. Our years of experience in media streaming have revolutionized the way people view content at home, on the go, or at the office.
Are you ready for the streaming wars?
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Create a reliable recurring revenue stream by giving your customers continuous, on-demand access to Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) packages. So that you can offer a premium, ad-free viewing experience for your viewers in exchange for a flat rate.
Advertising or Ad-supported Video On Demand (AVOD) allows you to reach massive audiences by providing subscription-free videos to your viewers. Like broadcast television, AVOD serves viewers with targeted advertisements. Advertisers, sponsors, and revenue generation will grow as your fan base builds.
Distribute your content in a purchasable, digital format to as many viewers as you like. Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) offers timely access to new content that ramps up revenue generation for producers and rights holders with attractive pay-per-view models.
Premium Video-On-Demand (PVOD), a popular variation of TVOD, allows your viewers to access newly released content sooner - sometimes months before that content's official release. PVOD offers the experience of a movie premiere happening within the viewer's living room. An excellent way to boost your revenue stream and acquire new customers with each new release.
Hybrid Subscriptions Model
Whether it's SVOD and TVOD / PVOD or AVOD and TVOD, merging multiple Video on Demand (VOD) monetization models provides flexible ways to engage new viewers and optimize revenue. Our AI-assisted analytics tools can help you determine the right mix to monetize your content.
Payment Streams
Payment streams can be set up as annual, monthly, or weekly subscriptions. Payments can even be billed hourly, by the minute, or by the second. Our AI-assisted media insights tools can help you determine the best payment model for your business.

Our Solutions

ENT.360, our media management solution, provides the tools you need to efficiently scale your business

Content Strategy

The shift from traditional TV viewing to on-demand requires streaming providers to rethink their content strategy.

How to use AI to inform your content strategy

Digital Asset Management

ENT.360, our media management solution, provides AI-assisted tools for insights into the customer journey, reducing costs and revealing new opportunities for monetization.

Find out more about Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Media Intelligence

Anticipate trends, monetize your content, operate more efficiently, and protect your brand using our award-winning, automated media management and forecasting solutions.

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Content Indexing

AI-assisted content indexing drives business performance by discovering insights from media and – by revealing viewers’ preferences and habits – enabling a more effective media strategy, better messaging, and personalized recommendations. Computer vision and machine learning tools search and tag any type of media content automatically – expediting production, and revealing new opportunities for monetization.

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Recommendation Engine

Our insight solutions help personalize recommendations – improving targeting and content discovery, reducing the cost of customer acquisition and churn helping you stay competitive.

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Trend Analytics

Make more informed strategy, media, and investment decisions with predictive modeling tools that anticipate competitive trends and aggregate customer behavior in real-time, facilitating timely and effective decision-making throughout your organization.

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We've shaped the streaming world from the very beginning, providing critical infrastructure for a world-renowned streaming service's first global content monetization platform. Our work architecting and developing the platform was essential in providing support for more than 18 languages across 15 device platforms in more than 50 countries and three continents - and was critical for the success of the largest streaming event in the history of the pay-TV industry.