Why blue guava?

How we started

Blue Guava was established in 2009 to bring a fresh, new taste to the world of digital streaming. We have more than a decade of extensive industry experience thanks to a partnership that saw the rise of one of the top streaming services in the world.
Today, we seek clients from all industries who share our passion and enthusiasm for technology and its ability to make lives better. We will be your proactive partner, ensuring your long-term success by delivering high-quality development, testing, and analytics services.
We want to become market-leaders and fulfill our vision of transforming industries through innovative, futuristic solutions. Our clients gain enormous value from our commitment to perfectionism. We see every project and every delivery as another challenge to prove we are the best.

Our Highlights

We Believe in Partnerships

We are not just another vendor of high-quality services. With Blue Guava you’ll find an enthusiastic business partner who proactively faces any challenge to provide you with tangible business benefits that help your organization evolve.

We are a high-tech service provider delivering modern, future-proof solutions that you’ll love to work with.

We Provide Pioneering Solutions

Each client project is unique and with each new undertaking, the Blue Guava team demonstrates that we are visionary innovators. Bold, new ideas and futuristic solutions that provide excellent benefits and efficiency are standard in our toolset.

We want our clients to savor the exotic flavor Blue Guava offers instead of just consuming the same old apples and oranges.

100% Accountability

We are passionate about our work and want our clients to share in the spoils of our success. You can count on us to be virtually available 24/7/365. We ensure you get what you need on time, on budget, and with maximal satisfaction. But we are no yes-men and won’t shy away from speaking our mind if an optimal outcome is in jeopardy.

Technological Advances

We developed technology to provide elastic content delivery—a significant breakthrough in the evolving streaming industry. We are also making further advances in library management solutions for content-based streaming and data streaming services.

Our mission is to innovate and transform the entire industry, making it better for everyone – content providers and consumers alike. If you need to test a new app or service, we’ve got you covered with an extensive array of modern devices and platforms.

Your benefits

High-quality services

Our drive to achieve perfection is present in all our teams. We deliver optimal results on time, on budget, and with maximal customer satisfaction.


Our knowledge and expertise allow us to develop, produce, and test at the highest level of professional excellence, delivering market-leading solutions in media and data streaming as well as digital content management.


Our teams are friendly, hardworking, precise, and reliable. Our infectious team spirit is the engine behind much of our company’s success and extends to client-side teams as well, ensuring amazing cooperation that breeds efficiency and success.

Trusted Advisor

Our work ethic drives us to provide optimal results and not stop until we are there. We want to be considered more than just another IT firm; we want to become a trusted advisor who will continually provide efficient and innovative solutions.

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Tech stack

For Blue Guava, there is no impossible.
There is virtually no relevant platform and device we can’t work with!
See our full tech stack.