Cloud Developer [.NET core]

Development of the backend part of international, media, data and blockchain-oriented, high-availability, redundant systems
Participating in projects as performing backend tasks
Creating plans and construction solutions with the rest of the team
Process tasks based on JIRA tasks

Ideal candidate

This is not a Full-Stack developer position!

  • A robust backend approach is required; client application development is not part of the profile
  • Using English at the writing and speaking level
  • Flexibility
  • Precise work (to be completed on time and in good quality)
  • Support for Agile methodology (we are working in sprints)
  • Adapt to rapid scope changes
  • Strong system approach to see the connection between things.
  • Susceptible to new technologies and technical solutions
  • The Basics

    .NET Core knowledge

  • C# 5.0+
  • Web API
  • Knowledge of micro-services and distributed systems
  • Deep understand of XML, JSON structures
  • Knowledge of Visual Studio for Mac or JetBrain Rider Developer Tools
  • Use code repositories, branching, commit strategies
  • Strong debugging ability
  • The Essentials

    Proficiency in AWS Cloud solutions (Lambda, Queue, Kinesis, Dockers, Dynamo DB, ECS, Redis)

  • Basic knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3
  • Proficiency in High-Performance Applications (Low Latency, Data Optimisation, Async Pattern, Multi-Tiered Caching, Circuit Breaker)
  • Using SeriLog, creating N-Unit tests
  • DevOps and CI / CD approach
  • APM knowledge
    Postman usage


  • Modern office
  • HO support - design according to the nature of the project
  • Support for obtaining AWS Associate and Professional certifications
  • Working with foreigners
  • Interesting and high-quality international projects
  • Macbook Pro computer
  • Salary that meets expectations
  • Tools

  • Internal communication: Slack, Office 365
  • Ticketing, Documentation: Atlassian Jira / Confluence
  • Development Tools: Visual Studio for Mac, JetBrains Rider, Azure DevOps
  • API testing: Postman Basic
  • Load Tester:, K6
  • Working Hours

    8-hour working hours
    Possibly a conference call in the evening if necessary (until 9 PM CET)

    Apply the position

    Please send your resume to the email address.

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    About Us

    Our company was founded in 2009 and deals with developing media-based digital services. We provide a full range of services from content creation through development quality assurance to operation. In the future, our strategy is to use this knowledge gained in international markets in other business lines. By this, we mean the direction of the business processing of artificial intelligence-based systems, data processing, and blockchain technologies!
    The company previously designed, developed, and operated the HBO GO system for Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Our products include the construction of Backend, Web, iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, LGTV, XBOX One, ROKU, and Amazon FireTV platforms and the preparation, automation, and commissioning of their runtime environments. In addition, the products include several special technology solutions that will not be available only to major business partners for a long time. We have a direct relationship with large platform providers through our customers.

    One of the main strengths of our company lies in our more than ten years of development experience, our daily expertise in American corporate culture, our deep knowledge of streaming and data management technologies, the flexibility and harmony of our team, and the solutions they create.

    We are also certified in GDPR compliance, ISO 27001 (information security), and ISO 20000 (service management).

    Our company has an AWS Select partner competency level, and using and supporting new cloud technologies is key. The team is dedicated to looking at the complex challenges of the future towards cloud-based business solutions.

    Two significant milestones in 2021!

    September 2021 – AWS Marketplace Product – Digital Content Monetization
    December 2021 – ISV Partner of the Year in the CEE region