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Blue Guava provides integrated technologies and digital frameworks that enable your content to seamlessly reach the right audience. Our years of experience in media streaming have revolutionized the way people view content at home, on the go, or at the office.

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Whether it’s a full-scope OTT solution for a monetizable streaming experience, a cadre of high-tech cloud services for optimal business performance, or cutting-edge digital solutions to create revolutionary applications, we are ready to shape the future with you.


Turn your original content into a monetizable catalog of highly curated content, ready to be streamed to a worldwide audience. Drive customer engagement, advanced leverage analytics, and access a bespoke selection of enterprise-ready, software-only, and cloud-based content library management features.


Boost your business by transitioning to the cloud with AWS. Achieve massive economies of scale, reduce capital investment costs, and empower your operations through comprehensive cloud solutions, such as cloud-native app development, application refactoring or redesign, business workflow optimization, and automation.


Tell us about the software that will revolutionize your business, and we’ll develop it for you. We offer a wide range of services, including multi-tenant, end-to-end product development, UI/UX design, integrated testing, advanced analytics, and more.

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Why Blue Guava

We are more than just a supplier of high-quality services. Our goal is to be your proactive partner that consistently delivers on time, on budget, and with maximal customer satisfaction.

Quality of Service

With years of experience in developing and testing streaming services and software on a variety of platforms, we’re prepared to help you innovate in streaming and content distribution, next-tech cloud solutions, and multi-tenant digital solutions.
Our team is highly responsive, tailoring the pace and delivery of services to meet your exact needs and goals. We’re ready 24/7/365 to develop, deploy, and test your solution.

Product Customization

We know how to manage vast and complex digital products, customizing them to engage users of diverse target audiences. Visualization of data is crucial to make it easier to understand. We’ll provide a 360-degree view of your data to make maintaining and managing your content across multiple platforms.


Serverless solutions, hybrid cloud, IoT, AI, and machine-learning technologies are spreading across the content delivery industry. Progressive companies need cost-optimized, high-tech solutions. We know these technologies inside out and are ready to address these challenges for you.

Innovation & Vision

Competence, cooperation, experience, and intelligence are hallmarks of our team. Our drive to achieve excellence results in solutions that bring about quick and considerable ROI – while keeping the cost of ownership and maintenance costs low.

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