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Blue Guava provides a complete, future-proof, integrated media and data transformation solution - harnessing the power of insight to improve business and brand performance through an improved customer journey, content monetization and media intelligence.

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Media Insight

Anticipate trends, monetize your content, operate more efficiently, protect your brand, and automate media management and forecasting.

Trend Analytics

AI-driven data analytics help you meet customer demands and anticipate market needs by identifying trends and opportunities in real-time and enabling strategic decision-making that reveals opportunities, reduces threats, and improves ROI.

Search & Discovery

Our media management solution's assisted AI tools help improve fundamental business metrics. Improving forecasting, protecting your brand, automating media management, and monetizing your content. All while improving the customer journey with personalized recommendations.

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Subtitling & Localization

Improve operational efficiency with AI-assisted automation by extracting actionable business insights from any media; text, audio, image, web, social media, video, and VR.


Improve your ROI with our suite of tools to monetize your media

Contextual Advertising

Stay competitive with our future-proof, AI-driven ad-tech solutions. Solutions that improve your customer journey, boost productivity and increase ROI with virtual ad and product placement, shoppable videos, and contextual advertising.

Digital Asset Management

Our media management solution provides AI-assisted tools for insights into the customer journey, reducing costs and revealing new monetization opportunities.

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Content Indexing

AI-assisted content indexing drives business performance by discovering insights from media and - revealing viewers' preferences and habits - allowing for a more effective media strategy, messaging, and personalized recommendations.

Computer vision and machine learning tools automatically search and tag any media content - expediting production and revealing new monetization opportunities.

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Why Blue Guava

We believe in technology's ability to find insight, transform businesses and improve lives. We intend to be your proactive partner, ensuring your long-term success with our category-beating technologies - helping you achieve your vision to become a market leader.

Innovation & Vision

We believe in under-promising and over-delivering. Exceeding each project’s goals – whether finding relevant insight that will move the needle for your business, monetizing content, improving your customer journey, and your ROI – all while keeping the cost of ownership and your maintenance costs low.


With over 15 years of experience developing complex, leading-edge digital solutions across various platforms, we are prepared to help you innovate.

Our team is ready 24/7/365 to help you envision, design, develop, and deploy your category-beating, future-proof solution.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid cloud, and server-less technologies create new business opportunities and bring new competitive threats. We know these technologies inside out and can help you utilize them to build the next-generation solutions that will help your business stay competitive.


We know how to manage the data created by complex, global solutions and help you separate signal from noise to find insight. Our data visualization tools make this complexity easier to understand. Giving you a real-time, 360-degree view of your operations – enabling you better understand and react more quickly to business opportunities and competitive threats.

ENT.360, our media management solution, makes maintaining and managing your content across multiple platforms easy, helping you scale quickly and grow your business by keeping your diverse target audiences engaged.

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Our clients rely on us to support their businesses 24/7/365. When millions of people eagerly waited to start streaming one of the most successful television shows, we analyzed the data - anticipating and meeting the demand, delivering exceptional performance on time and within budget.

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