Contextual Advertising

Stay Competitive with our Future-Proof, AI-driven Ad-Tech Solutions

Use Cases

Improve your customer journey, boost productivity, and increase ROI with virtual ad and product placement, shoppable videos, and contextual advertising.
AI-Assisted Media Planning and Buying
Our Ad-Tech tools improve ROI by making your company's targeted ad spending more efficient and effective with AI-assisted recommendations for ad-buying. Automatically manage buys across diverse audiences for each ad, and across all platforms - including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads - automatically optimizing each ad several times a day by identifying trends for reducing costs and increasing reach.
Virtual Ad and Product Placement
Create VR ads quickly and easily using our Ad-Tech tools for computer vision, machine learning, and rendering to identify objects in a virtual scene or video and integrate your product or ad. Receive up-to-the-minute performance metrics reporting on your VR product placement or campaign.
Identify the Right influencer for Your Brand
Use our social media listening tools to identify and develop more authentic influencers partnerships. Determine how and where your products or services are being used and which influencers already have a positive association with your brand - driving more authentic and impactful engagements.
AI-Assisted Ad Positioning
Improve the ROI of your ad spend with our AI-assisted contextual advertising tools. Our Ad-Tech solution combines predictive modeling, heat maps, and historical demographics to improve ad relevance, engagement, and conversions.