How Will Holographic Streaming Conquer the World of Entertainment?

How Will Holographic Streaming Conquer the World of Entertainment?

in Oct 27, 2021

By summarizing our previous two blog posts on holograms and holographic streaming, we could rightly declare that with the support of a professional streaming platform like ENT.360, the Holibri pocket hologram device is ready to enter the international market.

However, one question still needs an answer: is there anything that could limit the rise of such a novel solution?

As with every original and fresh concept, both the fantastic opportunities and the pitfalls that could go unnoticed are present in our subjective outlook on Holibri.

Consequently, the future of Holibri entirely depends on how this joint venture harnesses the positives and avoids the negatives. So let’s see how we’re working to realize this outcome!

Holibri + ENT.360 = Unparalleled UX

In and of itself, the device is immensely effective in replicating and using stage hologram technology, which ultimately enables both the broad scalability of the available budget and the ability to adapt to unique opportunities.

Whether we’re going for pronouncedly exclusive, luxurious application of the Holibri device or a cost-efficient model aimed to reach and bring in a massive audience, Holibri’s flexibility, and customizability ensure an incredible level of variability that is entirely independent of segment classifications such as industry, geography, culture, and even politics or religion. The choice of material, the size, shape, colors, and general aesthetics of the device offer a nearly unlimited repository of variables.

Nonetheless, just like in the case of 3D or 4D cinema, the hologram spectacle is also a pretty subjective experience that depends significantly on the beholder. This is why the streaming portal gives the freedom of choice to users, allowing viewers to decide whether they wish to enjoy their favorite video content as holograms or in normal display mode. Furthermore, if a user changes their mind mid-view, they can switch between hologram and standard display with a touch, even during live streams or live broadcasts. The ability to make this choice and almost immediately enjoy the effects of switching is one of those features that ensure unparalleled UX within the Holibri device.

At the same time, the technological advancements present in the streaming portal meets all modern-day expectations, providing a highly customizable background that serves as the foundation of success for the entire package. Whether it’s server background, platform availability, UI, operations are driven by cutting-edge DevOps methodology, or even the smallest of programming expectations, ENT.360 can be rightly found in the vanguard of market-leading peers and competitors in providing the best user experiences.

The Key to Ultimate Streaming Success

Now that we’ve explored the unique benefits, there’s also one last factor to examine. What also plays a tremendous role in the success—or failure—of the project?


It’s one of the most crucial elements in every market-leading streaming portal, the one aspect that can make or break even the most user-friendly business models.

There’s an eternal truth concerning the trinity of Device – Portal – Content; if even just a single element of this trio is below average, the consequences will be dire, making the entire project struggle with recurring challenges and difficulties that are costly to solve.

However, if all three are on an adequate or outstanding level of quality, their combined force can and will result in a significant breakthrough within the market; after all, the exclusively hologram-ready and professional content is truly capable of opening a brand-new horizon in the realm of videography and cinematography.

All in all, Holibri is a package composed of carefully curated, high-tech ingredients—supported by professional IT background and development that meet the highest of industry standards—that is only waiting to be continuously supplied with effective content to conquer and redefine the world of entertainment; as well as the real world, where the veil separating reality and virtual content is slowly but steadily thinning.

In this world, the concept of a holographic video site is viable and could ultimately become the pioneer that best harnesses current market trends for the most profitable outcomes.

So, what are we waiting for, content creators? Let’s rock!