Product Recommendations

in Feb 11, 2022
Product RecommendationsINCREASE REVENUE THROUGHOUT THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY WITH RELEVANT PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION USE CASESReal-time personalization provides each viewer a customized experienceYOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE/OTHERS ALSO BOUGHTSuccessfully cross-sell and up-sell products and offers based on insights from historic customer behavior.FREQUENTLY BOUGHT TOGETHERCross-sell and up-sell by displaying products frequently bought together.LOCAL DEALS TRENDING NEAR[...]
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Content Recommendations

in Feb 10, 2022
Content RecommendationsImprove viewer engagement and retention with relevant content recommendations SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION Use CasesPOPULAR RIGHT NOWInspire new viewing decisions by displaying the most relevant recently trending content to each viewer. ENT.360 uses sophisticated algorithms to determine which popular content or products are most relevant for each individual. Helping boost word of mouth as[...]
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