Holographic Streaming: Dream or Reality?

Holographic Streaming: Dream or Reality?

in Oct 18, 2021

Last time, we discussed the basics of hologram technology to explore if there’s a way to adapt stage production holograms to mobile devices, which is currently an untapped niche market.

Is it possible? Moreover, can the concept be realized as a hologram video portal?

Well, it’s not only possible but it has already been implemented. So let’s see what this revolutionary piece of tech is about!

Bringing Holograms Home

Holibri builds UX-based relationships between performers and their fans and between companies and their customers by utilizing holograms.

With Holibri, we can bring the hologram experience right into our homes via an entirely manufacturer and OS-independent device. This pioneering solution was exclusively designed and built to display holograms on mobile phones and tablets, using the same mirroring technology present in its big brother stage productions.

In Holibri, when we open and start video content specifically created to display holograms, we can switch to hologram mode with a single touch—and vice versa. The device can also be scaled quite flexibly, providing users with an array of options from the smallest of mobile screens through the largest of tablets, all the way to even desktop setups and larger screens.

Once the device is connected to Holibri, the user receives a link to the unique, hologram-ready content. And from there we can listen to concerts on stage, watch videos, hold conference meetings, etc. All of that as holograms, while the number of animations, effects, and graphics is practically inexhaustible.

Holographic Streaming

How can such an innovative idea be available to brand new, global frontiers in media and related markets? In the case of Holibri, the answer lies in the unique video portal supporting it with IT infrastructure and the content itself. Additionally, it also helps with the process of turning images into holograms.

Our ENT.360 is that portal.

As a joint venture of Holibri and ENT.360, we have created an on-demand and even live-streaming capable platform that professionally fulfills the demand for a pocket hologram device. The portal’s functions not only meet current on-demand video trends, but the unique framework, the flexible customizability, and the numerous live functions raise the stakes quite handsomely as well.

On top of it all, the hologram experience is truly the icing on the cake; combining it with a VOD / streaming portal has resulted in one of the most unique and newfound approaches to user experience in recent years.

All in all, this amalgam of a validated hologram pocket device and a professional video portal is an unprecedented VOD and streaming solution that won’t be just another product on the shelf. Instead, it’s bound to make waves, break into markets—and potentially create an entirely new market as well.

And what is ENT.360? Our Well-Architected, full-scope OTT solution: an enterprise-ready, software-only AWS native architecture with DAI and SSAI implementation included. With it, we architected and developed a global, monetized content distribution platform for a market-leading streaming service provider, supporting 18+ languages across 15 device platforms in 50+ countries—as well as one of the most significant streaming events in the pay-TV industry.