Full-scope OTT solution
Optimized streaming experience for your customers
ENT.360 is an efficient, enterprise-ready, software-only, and cloud-based content library management solution that delivers unparalleled streaming experiences.

15 years of media development experience in one comprehensive service

Lower investment costs and ramp up revenue generation with an array of features designed to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. Our customer engagement and large content management experience help provide you with high-quality services in streaming, customer engagement, analytics, and more.
Broadcast-grade video quality
We aim for the highest quality. Always.
Our format support includes HLS (4K/SDR/HDR), DASH ISO (4K/HDR), and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.
Playback experience
Adaptive playback, multi-subtitle, and multilingual audio stream, slow motion and high-speed playback, cross-platform DRM, offline viewing, and more will ensure the most pleasurable experience for your audience.
Playback Policy
Increase your revenue and customer satisfaction by selling concurrency as a product. The concurrent streaming limitation is CDN-independent and can be applied to any source of content. Other access control features include device cap, parental control, and geofence.
Content Management
Our content organization solution efficiently simplifies processes, reduces work time, and results in better customer engagement. Using content ingestion via browser, origin server, and various kinds of CDN support, transcoding workflows with multiple video profiles, as well as an advanced metadata system, your content will be handled securely and efficiently.
Content discovery
The way your audience finds content to their liking influences their satisfaction majorly.
Make sure to cater to their needs through features such as the combination of multiple data sources, real-time search engine indexing of content, flexible and customizable carousel management, as well as built-in automatic carousel preferences.
Recommendation engine
Most viewers expect great content suggestions but doing so in smart and subtle ways is key. We make sure your audience is provided with the best recommendations on your platform through Integration with an external recommendation engine.
Customer engagement
Are you keeping your audience entertained? Engage them through social media-based authentication, then keep their attention on your platform with curated playlists of genres, artists, and directors.
Advanced messaging
Your viewers are always just one click away. We enable operators to send push notifications, personal messages, or system messages to all subscribers, a targeted group of subscribers, or even a single subscriber.
Messages can be notifications only or rich text with action buttons.
With the multi tenancy-support, you can reduce your investment costs using IPTV/OTT middleware as a service (PaaS) and host multiple virtual service providers.



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