A Guide to Cloud.Blue – How to Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Transformation?

A Guide to Cloud.Blue – How to Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Transformation?

in Aug 08, 2021
Solutions of Transformation
Defining the Goals

First and foremost, the ground zero of a transformation project is the proper definition of goals. You should always consider the following four, as these can make or break most transformations:

Ready to Go

Go-to-market steps require architectural changes on the code and database levels as well. To make the most of this, we recommend a short CI/CD pipeline, so you can deploy what is ready and marketable and then improve and expand in the future.


The creation of Dev, QA, and Stage Environments can help test and ultimately ensure a smoother, defect-free launch.

When the environment is ready, however, a pipeline extension will be required to improve it for the whole development process.


Let the environment scale together with the growing demand!

As a second step, make the environment available for the go-to-market goal while still enabling enough room for development and configuration.


Set up system monitoring from multiple aspects—preferably those that are crucial for your business’s success.

Architectural Considerations

At the same time, you need to create a plan and then enact it to ensure your solution remains scalable and improvable both during the development and after it has been pushed into production. The primary considerations here are the following:

  • Scalable environment
  • Identified bottlenecks
  • Understanding current code and business logic limitations
  • Adding more automation

For instance, within AWS, it is recommended to change the current code side to support scalability.

What Can You Accomplish with A Cloud.Blue Transformation?

We’ve been working with AWS for well over ten years now. With their architecture and solutions, we not only leveled up our infrastructure and services but used it to implement a global streaming service for a world-renowned client. This is why we always use AWS to empower clients and help them become future-proof through our unique Cloud.Blue Transformation.

In a nutshell, what makes AWS stand out is their highly professional approach to the cloud; within their concept, you can add more HA to the infrastructure layout, automate your entire ecosystem, gain access to a straightforward management system, and let AWS take over underlying management and configuration tasks.

But what can you accomplish precisely through an AWS-based Cloud.Blue Transformation?

Serverless applications

A serverless approach controls costs while leveraging serverless components and leaving all infrastructure management to the cloud provider, enabling businesses to achieve the following benefits: Low barrier-to-entry, Hostless, Stateless, Elasticity, Distributed, and Event-driven.

Microservices based architecture implementation

A microservices architecture empowers agile teams to ensure that your entire application is loosely coupled with different components. We help businesses across industries transform monolithic applications into a set of microservices while overcoming other architectural challenges.

Native cloud application

To keep pace with current trends, businesses today need to build cloud-based applications in native environments rapidly. This allows the applications to leverage the advantages of the cloud, such as effortless scaling, reliability, high security, flexibility, and future-readiness for next-gen business requirements.

Hybrid cloud application

You will gain access to hybrid cloud applications that use both on-premise or private cloud alongside a third-party or public cloud. We build these applications for unique conditions, such as applications that are too big for cloud migration, when the application is tightly coupled with on-premises resources, or and when migrating to the cloud is too costly.

DevOps services

An environment that breaks the silos and enables speedy collaboration between development and operation teams is a must. And today, it is primarily attainable through a well-implemented DevOps methodology.

If you have that, you can outpace your competition through increased business and innovation agility, as well as faster time-to-market. Our DevOps-specific services package can help you get there, including consulting, infrastructure, automation, monitoring, migration, and training.

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