Developing Multi-Tenant Digital Products

Learn to build multi-tenant apps that millions of customers will use worldwide

Demand for high-quality applications is at an all-time high. So is the pressure on software development companies to deliver such digital products as quickly as possible.

As we were developing such an app for a world-renowned media and streaming service provider, multi-tenancy helped us ensure a short development cycle while still maintaining product quality.

In this e-Book, you will see why multi-tenancy is excellent for developing digital products that millions of your customers will use simultaneously and how to build such apps quickly through our unique implementation of SDK and Frontend app separation.

Download our Guide for Implementing SDK and Frontend App Separation for Developing Advanced Multi-Tenant Digital Products!

You will learn

  • How to develop applications that can simultaneously service vast amounts of customers at a fraction of a single-tenant app’s development costs
  • Why the separation of the application into two parts provides one of the best, cost-effective solutions available in the market
  • The optimization steps for ensuring the software’s high-quality performance and success among customers
  • Circumventing the high-end development – low-end to mid-range reality dilemma for the best possible customer experience.

What makes us uniquely suited for developing state-of-the-art digital products?

After more than ten years of high-quality software development, streaming, and testing solutions, we have helped market-leader partners increase their revenue and the efficiency of their IT operations while cutting costs and delivery time.

Our end-to-end product development services and the agile methodology we use allows us to focus on business analytics, production, technology, and UI/UX simultaneously to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions.

Through design-focused approach, integrated testing, and built-in advanced analytics, we engineer digital products that delight customers with excellent UX. Ultimately, we offer accountability and a strategic partnership that will realize business goals of driving revenue and increasing customer engagement.

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