Quality is our responsibility
We believe in exceptional customer service. Our passion is to provide our partners with the highest quality services guaranteed to meet their needs and help them in their quest to produce excellent software solutions.

Our services

We will examine every line of code to ensure an optimal-bugfree customer experience.

Test planning & management

We create a schedule for testing all parts of your software and the product as a whole. Throughout the testing procedure, we give you precise test estimations and regular reports for maximum transparency and maintain the results in an easily accessible, well-managed, and searchable system.

Documentation & user story testing

Every test we carry out is thoroughly documented. First, we create our automated test cases based on detailed documentation and user stories. Then, our testing is implemented based on written test cases. And finally, we record evidence on the main functionalities.

Mobile, web, big screen application testing

Whether your app is for mobile, browser, or both, we will manually test its main functionalities and integration capabilities. Are you planning to release it on the big screen as well? We got that covered, too! We test on real devices only. Check out our lab environment!

Performance & compatibility testing

User experience means a lot to us and we perform these tests in lifelike scenarios. What is the battery usage of the app? How well does it appear on desktop, mobile, or significant screen devices? Does it work with iOS or Android systems well? We explore your application the way your users will and uncover every issue during daily use.

Analytics testing

We have experience testing various analytics integrations on iOS, Android, web as well as big-screen platforms.

Why QA is important?

Without proper quality assurance, no product succeeds.
When a company is in a rush to launch its product quickly as possible – or when it performs the first load testing after launch – software failures are bound to happen. If they are released in such a state, products will not achieve their full functionality and they certainly won’t meet consumer needs or requirements.

Who we are, what we stand for

We will be your trusted, proactive partner.
By helping development teams focus on new features that drastically improve the software delivery life cycle, your company will finally have the time to market instead of remaining reactive and performing bug triage.

Sadly, quality assurance is not a priority for many software development companies; they don’t consider the real cost of proper QA. If there is no adequate testing, the launch will fail, the product will underperform, and your company will suffer losses.

With the right QA team at your disposal, you can avoid:

  • Delays in development
  • Product downtime
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Loss of sales
  • Loss of reputation

Through our wide range of testing capabilities as well as multiple platforms to test your software products, we’ll get you on track as fast as possible, ensuring a defect-free and reliable launch of your custom software solutions.

Why Blue Guava?

We deliver high-quality services on time, on budget, and with maximal customer satisfaction.

High-quality services

Our drive to achieve perfection is present in all our teams. We deliver optimal results on time, on budget, and with maximal customer satisfaction.


The knowledge and expertise we have built up over the years make us primed to develop, produce, and test at the highest level of professional excellence, delivering market-leading solutions in media and data streaming as well as digital content management.


Our teams are friendly, hardworking, precise, and reliable. The team spirit binding highly talented and experienced professionals together is the engine behind much of our company’s success. This teamwork then extends to client-side teams as well, ensuring excellent cooperation that breeds efficiency and success.

Trusted Advisor

We strive to achieve a trusted advisor status with all our clients. As such, we will seize every day to prove that our efficient and innovative solutions are most beneficial for our clients. Our work ethic drives us to accomplish any task with the desired, optimal result in mind, not stopping until we are there.

How do we demonstrate Excellence?

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