Media Intelligence

Process automation, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Neural networks.
We harness the promise of ai to improve customer experience in your media business by anticipating needs, optimizing work, and providing faster and more effective outcomes.


AI is emerging as the defining technology of our age, and media companies require its competitive edge to ensure robust growth. Our Media Intelligence solutions monitor, curate, and engage with content while providing constant data analysis and measurement of communications.
Object Recognition
Identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities in images and videos:
Text detection
Face detection and analysis
Face search and verification
Celebrity recognition
Video segment detection
Audio data is virtually impossible for computers to search and analyze. Our solution can convert audio to text to be used in applications:
Media intelligence
Media content subtitling
Text To Speech
We create applications that talk and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products:
Natural sounding voices
Store & redistribute speech
Real-time streaming
Person Tracking
Track people’s paths and facial movements in videos and gather insight:
The location of the person in the video frame at the time their path is tracked.
Facial landmarks such as the position of the left eye, when detected.
Content moderation
Detect content that is inappropriate, unwanted, or offensive:
Brand Protection
Visually Disturbing
Rude Gestures
Entity Recognition
Retrieve named entities ("people," "places," "locations," etc.) that are automatically categorized based on provided text:
Named Entity Recognition (NER)
Identifying people, places, or organizations
Detection of addresses, phone numbers

The Benefits

Open doors to new possibilities in media and discover a world of lucrative opportunities through our Media Intelligence solutions.

Search & discovery

Make your content more discoverable with improved metadata. Machine learning automatically tags and labels objects such as logos, characters, actors, scenes, and locations, which can then be indexed to make content searchable, offer personalized recommendations based on user interest, and efficiently generate short clips and highlights to facilitate content discovery.

Subtitling & localization

Use our highly accurate speech recognition and machine translation services to provide content publishers a workstream to easily caption and subtitle videos that remove barriers and increase reach and accessibility.

Compliance & brand safety

Ensure content meets compliance and brand safety guidelines with automatic reviews of media content against a wide variety of pre-defined or custom unsafe categories. Identify and confirm the correct use of logos, tagging, and compliance requirements to provide comprehensive but cost-effective compliance coverage at scale

Content monetization

Contextualized ads ensure a better return on investment and improve customer experience by serving fewer and more relevant ads. Machine learning enables you to automatically identify logos and brands in existing audio and visual content to find optimal ad insertion opportunities, detect pre-decided ad breaks, improve advertising context, and avoid inappropriate or irrelevant brand associations.

Use Cases

Proven Media Intelligence solutions that create new avenues for growth.
Increase transparency
Know who and how much you are paying. Receive real-time financial level impression reporting of your supply chain to ensure that your media dollars are spent clearly.
Attack media waste
Measure the financial impact of media flagged for fraud, viewability, and brand safety. Surface previously hidden data that can help you negotiate better rates.
Drive greater campaign results with real-time insights
Optimize frequently and consistently with single-source-of-truth reporting across brands, markets, channels, and partners, regardless of the buying platform.
Media Monitoring
Through data mining and machine learning, automated media monitoring can be utilized in targeting and collecting copies of media content relevant to your business, filtering it to your liking according to industry, geography, or subject.
Social Listening
Have an up-to-the-minute view of what is being said about your products and brand and those of your competitors. Gain insight into new market opportunities and competitive threats to protect your brand guide strategic and marketing decision making.
Data Analysis
Our media intelligence solutions allow you to separate signal from noise from terabytes of media and customer data. Finding the insights needed to determine the data is relevant to help you make better, more timely business decisions.