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Who is SN*APPY

User Generated content generation with content moderation and auto-tagging for the geo-targeted contests and play-to-earn mechanism development.

The request

Developing an Apple Application when the users can upload content for a contest

How Blue Guava delivered

Building multiple workflows which analyse the uploaded image, enrich the metadata.
Implement the AI-supported picture taken application which integrates fully with our ENT.360 platform.
Organize the uploaded images into contest and allow the user to upvote or downvote for the images.

Running a multi step contest when the users have to show up the process around the green activity

Automatically ranking the users and the content based on the feedback

The results

With the ENT.360 integration, we bring all of the functionality in place.

Our rewards and analytics engine provide a 360-degree continuous metadata enhancement and gamification (play-to-earn) around the content and the users.

Leverage automated video indexing with AI capability for quick searchability, automatic curation, and content moderation.

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Why are we best suited to talk about streaming services?

After more than ten years of state-of-the-art software development, streaming, and testing solutions, we have helped market-leader partners increase their revenue and the efficiency of their IT operations while cutting costs and time.

In numbers, the content distribution platform we developed was available in 50+ countries across 3 continents, provided language support for 17 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic, and Chinese alphabets for subtitles), and platform support for 15 devices with a multitude of in-app integration options.

Our streaming solutions enabled millions of customers worldwide to enjoy their favorite TV shows and films through uninterrupted, high-quality video playback. At the same time, we empowered the product owner to monetize this through a subscription-based model.

Finally, it allowed the streaming of tens of thousands of hours’ worth of video content.