Social and Streaming Platforms for the Performaning Arts

Who is Pirandello

Creators of a global, Next-Gen Theater experience. Pirandello aims to support theatrical artists by enabling theatres and directors to deliver live performances globally. We provide a complete lifecycle solution to engage talent, conclude legal contracts quickly and transparently, and track and share income from subscriptions.

The request

Develop a custom content management solution (CMS) utilizing Blue Guava’s ENT.360 technology to allow theaters and artists to record, edit, manage, and monetize their performances.

How Blue Guava delivered

Virtual Casting Calls
A complete solution to manage and interview talent, and share casting calls with a daisy chain approval process.
Digital Splitsheet for Royalities
A complete royalty management solution, providing contractual protection for digital assets and automatic royalty payouts.
Mashup & Social Interaction
Supports a real-time second-screen experience
Supports multiple commentary video feeds
Supports chat over the main event for GenZ’ers
Supports multi-camera angle views, mash-ups, and real-time remixes
Multiple Revenue Stream
Ticket sales
4K quality video upgrades
Physical, digital, and VR delivery
VOD 2 Live
Commentary video
Social activity
Production recycles (Costumes) as NTF or Merch
ITDB - International Theater Database
Our community management tools help Pirandello’s clients connect the dots understand the relationship between their content and their customers.
Connect the dots
Use our flexible graph model to describe the relationship between content and customers.

Aims to do a multi-camera angle viewers, mash up and real time remixes and chats which belongs to content or communities

The results

Our ENT.360 live theatre integration provides a complete Next-Gen theatrical experience to efficiently deliver socially enabled media

A rewards and analytics engine that provides 360-degree continuous metadata enhancement and gamification (play-to-earn) that rewards users and monetizes media

Automated video indexing to expedite media management and deliver media friendly search
Mashup or remix tools to easily create alternative endings, or edit performances to deliver customized experiences

Subtitles and metadata in any language


We've shaped the streaming world from the very beginning, providing critical infrastructure for a world-renowned streaming service's first global content monetization platform. Our work architecting and developing the platform was essential in providing support for more than 18 languages across 15 device platforms in more than 50 countries and three continents - and was critical for the success of the largest streaming event in the history of the pay-TV industry.