Building a Global Streaming Platform

Learn how we developed a global content distribution platform for a world-renowned client

Media and content streaming is one of the most high-performing and profitable businesses today. Ten years ago, only a few people saw how large this market would become.

We were among those who first realized the incredible value of content distribution. And with our solutions, we gave way to the rise of today’s streaming giants.

If you download this e-Book, you gain access to knowledge and experience that came with the challenge of developing one of the world’s first global streaming platforms. This case study is a must-read for any company that wants to enter the streaming market.

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for Designing, Developing, and Deploying a Worldwide Content Distribution Platform!
You will learn

How to align your company’s business goals with the unique concept of your content distribution strategy

The roadmap for a global audience launch, including multi-territory customer support

Each pre-development step to tackle early challenges head-on—from secure playback and multilingual content management to multi-tenant app development

Analytics to measure performance, video quality, and adaptation logic for smoother, high-quality video playback, bandwidth options for the best streaming experience, and more.

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Why are we best suited to talk about streaming services?

After more than ten years of state-of-the-art software development, streaming, and testing solutions, we have helped market-leader partners increase their revenue and the efficiency of their IT operations while cutting costs and time.

In numbers, the content distribution platform we developed was available in 50+ countries across 3 continents, provided language support for 17 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic, and Chinese alphabets for subtitles), and platform support for 15 devices with a multitude of in-app integration options.

Our streaming solutions enabled millions of customers worldwide to enjoy their favorite TV shows and films through uninterrupted, high-quality video playback. At the same time, we empowered the product owner to monetize this through a subscription-based model.

Finally, it allowed the streaming of tens of thousands of hours’ worth of video content. By the end of this e-Book, you will know how to approach the development of your own success story in content distribution.

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