Our AI-Assited Video Learning Management System for Hungarian High and Private Education

Who is Nexius Learning

Nexius Learning is an e-learning company that provides different digital products and services for the entire eduction sector in Hungary.

The request

Nexius asked us to develop a new solution that simplified their e-learning management workflow and utilized AI-assisted video.
The solution needed to combine tools that enabled educators to manage their curriculum with AI-assisted automation tools that automated the management of e-learning materials.

How Blue Guava delivered

Creator tool
We developed recording tools that allow an educator to capture video, screen share, and easily develop curricula.
We developed a dozen different education workflows based on our ENT-360 content management system. Each provides AI-enabled tools to create and share multi-track, multi-source learning materials.
Integration & Reporting
OAuth 2.0 systems integration
LTI implementation
Client Application
Our content management system (CMS) manages multiple sources with tools to bookmark and add notes
A browser-based solution, no downloadable app is required
Supports simultaneous content playback optimized for both desktop and mobile
Optimized search AI-assisted media tagging
17 subtitles types in any language

The results

Our customized ENT.360 education solution reduced average curriculum development from 30 days to 2 days

No downloadable app is required for the process. Instead, the teacher can use their browser to record and manage the content.

Leverage automated video indexing with AI capability for quick searchability.

Using the AI translation for subtitling and providing up to 17 available subtitle options for the students.


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