Natural Language Processing

Use our Natural Language Processing Tools to Grow Your Business More Efficiently

Use Cases

Automatically capture natural language data from any source - expediting data mining, business analytics, and content management processes.
AI-Assisted Product Indexing
Use Natural Language Processing to improve the indexing of Products’ key phrases - and utilize machine learning insights from customer sentiment on social and web media.
Media Content Analysis
Gain detailed insights into media audio, video, and text-based files.
Business and Call Center Analytics
Gain powerful insights by analyzing customer interactions and understanding customer sentiment, translated from phone calls to text, and then data. Natural Language Processing (NLP) can also classify inbound support requests and automatically extract and process product reviews and surveys.
Entity Extraction
Go beyond fundamental textual interactions with entity extraction. AI-equipped with Natural Language Processing helps enhance customer experience and in-app user experience immensely by understanding context and providing meaningful interactions with customers.
Inappropriate Content Detection
Ensure brand safety and compliance with international content regulatory standards by accurately and automatically detecting, identifying, and flagging inappropriate content in your image and video assets.
Automated Content Management
Improve efficiency by automating media listening and data mining workflows. Computer vision and machine learning tools can scan millions of images, thousands of social media posts and websites, and terabytes of videos to identify and flag content according to hundreds of specific criteria. Allowing you to find that proverbial needle in a haystack quickly, easily, and accurately.


Language Identification
Our engine can identify any language from a fragment of text.
Automate Live Captions
Provide, automated real-time, multi-lingual captioning to your users’ immediately, making live content instantly accessible for your global audience.
Automated Captions
Make your media library accessible to a global audience with automatic captioning tools media in local languages and dialects.
Real-Time Universal Translation
Our AI engine automatically translates spoken or written language from any language to any language - including web and social media metadata.
Speech Recognition
Natural Language speech recognition automatically generates transcription in any known language or dialect. In addition, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) tools make audio analysis a reality, automatically identify the speaker's attributes including gender, age, native language, and even sentiment.
Universal Alphabet Support
Our ENT-360 enterprise-level media management solution supports special characters, alphabets, and fonts, including Latin, Cyrillic, and Chinese characters in native and romanized scripts.
Entity Recognition
Audio data is virtually impossible for computers to search and analyze. Our solution can convert audio to text to be used in applications.
Audio data is virtually impossible for computers to search and analyze. Our solution can convert audio to text to be used in applications.
Custom Labelling
Detect content that is inappropriate, unwanted, or offensive
Keyphrase Extraction
We create applications that talk and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products.
Text Mining
Gain valuable insights that help improve customer satisfaction and retention and create better, personalized recommendations. The AI extracts relevant segments, key phrases, topics, sentiment, and more from text-based documents, such as emails, social media posts, product information, reviews, or customer support tickets.
Text Analysis
Automate and simplify document processing to turn vast amounts of extracted text – such as customer reviews – into quantitative data for better understanding customer sentiments and making better decisions.